Who are Gymboree franchisees?  

Gymboree franchisees come from all walks of life but they share a common passion for running their own business and for helping young minds develop.  Skills in customer service, marketing, people management and a financial understanding will help you. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds--teachers, retail sales, customer service, management, child development and corporate careers. Running a Gymboree franchise requires many things and we will train you in required disciplined to help you succeed. Owing a Gymboree franchise(s) is both challenging and personally fulfilling. If you want a business that helps future generations of child develop - socially, mentally and physically- then you should investigate a Gymboree franchise.

What type of training do you provide?

Gymboree Play & Music provides first class training for its franchisees that begins with your Initial Franchise Training (IFT) all the way through your tenure with us as an owner.  Our IFT is comprised of eight (8) full days of in-depth training ranging from business acumen including operations, marketing and human resources to on-site program instruction.  It takes place both at our home office as well as in our corporately-owned sites to give you the most hands-on experience.  After the completing of your initial training, we provide ongoing support through regional field consultants who are there to hold your hand as your enter the world of business ownership.  Our team consists of over 15 years of experience with much of the experience having started in the field.   We pride ourselves on being readily available for our franchisees and assisting them in any way possible to help them succeed.  Our success is based on your success!

What support do your franchisees receive?

Our staff of experienced, enthusiastic professionals will support your needs in program, operations, marketing, resale product, teacher training, personnel and more on a national, regional and local basis. Our franchisees can tell you that we offer full support, in every business area and it is continual.

How much money can I make operating a franchise?

Like many franchisors, Gymboree does not provide, or authorize its representatives to provide, any information on past or possible future financial results with respect to any Gymboree Play & Music franchise or company-owned unit. Your financial results depend on many factors, including how hard you work, how closely you follow our system and your competition. Gymboree can't reliably predict, forecast or project future performance, revenues, profits or otherwise of any Gymboree unit. We do suggest that you contact current operating franchise owners along with completing your own business plan.

What types of locations should I investigate?

Gymboree Play & Music is looking to locate in commercial locations, such as strip malls, shopping centers and regional malls. Commercial sites best represent the brand and have greater potential to deliver on all aspects of the business.

What is the total investment needed for a franchise?

Our franchisee fee for an initial Play & Music location is $45,000. All-inclusive costs for everything you need to open a Gymboree Play & Music location including the franchisee fee marketing materials, office and location set-up, insurance, training, resale product, computer and software, etc. for an initial one-site territory is in the range of $143,080-$273,450. The primary variable is the type of real estate chosen and the cost of build-out associated.

Does Gymboree assist with financing this investment?

Not directly.

Can I franchise a Gymboree Clothing Store?

No, the retail clothing stores are company owned and operated.

Is Gymboree Play & Music looking to expand?

YES! Gymboree Play & Music is currently operating in the United States and in over 40 countries around the world. We are aggressively working on our franchise expansion.

We have many multi-state and individual markets available within the United States. Internationally we have awarded the rights for operating our Programs as Gymboree Play & Music. These international representatives are our Master Francisee Owners who in turn are expanding within their country of operation and offer franchise opportunities just as we do here in the US and Canada.

How can I get more information?

Please visit our website at http://www.gymboreeclasses.com

CALL US TODAY at 415-604-3093 or email Bonnie Stewart at play.franchise@gymboglobal.com

For immediate assistance please contact us at 415-604-3093